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Ludwig van Beethoven - Missa Solemnis (Toscanini)

5 tracks | MP3 160 Kbps | RAR 90 Mb

Here is the approved 1953 recording of Beethoven's "Missa Solemnis," which may be one of the best versions ever released on recordings. It only lacks stereo and, at least in the original releases, suffered from a shrillness typical of some of RCA Victor's "New Orthophonic" recordings. The original liner notes indicate that RCA only used two microphones in Carnegie Hall; one was suspended over the Maestro's head and another was used occasionally for the soloists.

Mass for soloists, chorus & orchestra in D major ("Missa Solemnis"), Op. 123

Performed by NBC Symphony Orchestra
with Jerome Hines, Lois Marshall, Nan Merriman, Eugene Conley

Conducted by Arturo Toscanini

1 Kyrie - Assai sostenuto (Mit Andacht)
2 Gloria (Allegro vivace)
3 Credo (Allegro ma non troppo)
4 Sanctus - Adagio (Mit Andacht)
5 Agnus Dei - Adagio

Hosted on RS

Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition - Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra - Sir Georg Solti

1980/81 | APE, CUE, SCANS IN PDF | DDD | 69':12'' | 274 MB | 3 Files

Solti's Pictures came at the first year of the digital era (still in LP format, coupled with Ravel's Tombeau de Couperin) and immediately won the favours of the music magazines like Gramophone. The clear recording and Sir George's fine treatment of the suite made it a big hit. Next year, another great recording (again a Koussevizsky commission) appeared, that of Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra coupled with the Music for Strings. It was yet another big success for Solti and his orchestra.

Pictures at an Exhibition (orch. Maurice Ravel)
Promenade - Gnomus (4.09)
Promenade – Il vecchio castello (5.40)
Promenade - Tuileries (1.32)
Bydlo - Promenade (3.28)
Ballet des poussins dans leurs coques (1.12)
Samuel Goldenberg und Schmuyle (2.16)
Limoges: le marché (1.21)
Catacombae - Cum mortuis in lingua mortua (4.09)
La Cabane sur des pattes de poule (3.23)
La grande porte de Kiev (6.24)

BÉLA BARTÓK (1881-1945)
Concerto for Orchestra
Presentando le coppie (6.09)
Elegia (6.33)
Intermezzo interroto (4.04)
Finale (9.35)

Chicago Symphony Orchestra



источник- http://avaxsphere.com/music/classical/Mussorgsky_Bartok_Solti.html

Giuseppe Verdi - Aida - 1949 (Toscanini)

59 tracks | MP3 160 Kbps | 2 RAR (90+71Mb)

Disc 1
1. Atto I Preludio
2. Atto I Si, Corre Voce Che L'Etiope
3. Atto I Se Quel Guerrier Io Fossi... Celeste Aida
4. Atto I Quale Insolita Gioia Nel Tuo Sguardo!
5. Atto I Dessa!
6. Atto I Ohime'! Di Guerra Fremere
7. Atto I Alta Cagion V'Aduna
8. Atto I Il Sacro Suolo Dell'Egitto E' Invaso
9. Atto I Su! Del Nilo Al Sacro Lido
10.Atto I Ritorna Vincitor!
11.Atto I Possente, Possente Ftha'!
12.Atto I Danza Sacra Delle Sacerdotesse
13.Atto I Mortal, Diletto Ai Numi
14.Atto I Nume, Custode E Vindice
15.Atto II Chi Mai Fra Gl'Inni E I Plausi
16.Atto II Danza Degli Schiavi Mori
17.Atto II Vieni SUl Crin Ti Piovano
18.Atto II Silenzio! Aida Verso Noi S'Avanza
19.Atto II Pieta', Ti Prenda Del Mio Dolor
20.Atto II Su! Del Nilo Al Sacro Lido
21.Atto II Gloria All'Egitto, Ad Iside
22.Atto II Marcia Trionfale E Balletto
23.Atto II Vieni, O Guerriero Vindice
24.Atto II Salvator Della Patria
25.Atto II Concedi In Pria
26.Atto II Che Veggo! Egli Mio Padre!
27.Atto II Quest'Assisa Ch'Io Vesto Vi Dica
28.Atto II Ma Tu, Re, Tu, Signore Possente
29.Atto II O Re, Pei Sacri Numi
30.Atto II Gloria All'Egitto, Ad Iside
31.Atto II Fa Cor Della Tua Patria

Disc 2
1. Atto III O Tu Che Sei D'Osiride
2. Atto III Vieni D'Iside Al Tempio
3. Atto III Qui Radames Verra'!
4. Atto III O Patria Mia
5. Atto III Ciel! Mio Padre!
6. Atto III Rivedrai Le Foreste Imbalsamate
7. Atto III In Armi Ora Si Desta Il Popol Nostro
8. Atto III Padre! A Costoro Schiava Non Sono
9. Atto III Pur Ti Riveggo, Mia Dolce Aida
10.Atto III Nel Fiero Anelito Di Nuova Guerra
11.Atto III Fuggiam Gli Ardori Insopiti
12.Atto III Aida! Tu Non M'Ami
13.Atto III Ah No! Fuggiamo!
14.Atto III Ma. Dimmi
15.Atto III Traditor
16.Atto IV L'Aborrita Rivale A Me Sfuggita
17.Atto IV Io L'Amo, L'Amo Sempre
18.Atto IV Gia' I Sacerdoti Adunansi
19.Atto IV Ah! Tu Del Vivere!
20.Atto IV Chi Ti Salva, Sciagurato
21.Atto IV Ohime'! Morir Mi Sento
22.Atto IV Spirito Del Nume, Sovra Noi Discendi
23.Atto IV Radames! Radames! Radames!
24.Atto IV A Lui Vivo La Tomba!
25.Atto IV La Fatal Pietra Sovra Me Si Chiuse
26.Atto IV Presago Il Core Della Tua Condanna
27.Atto IV Vedi Di Morte L'Angelo
28.Atto IV O Terra, Addio

NBC Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Arturo Toscanini

Aida: Herva Nelli
Amneris: Eva Gustavson
Radames: Richard Tucker
Amonasro: Giuseppe Valdengo
Ramfis: Norman Scott
Il Re Dell'Egitto: Dennis Harbour
Un Messaggero: Virginio Alessandri
Una Sacerdotessa: Teresa Stich-Randall

Robert Shaw Chorale
Robert Shaw, Conductor Of The Chorus

Recorded on march 26th and april 2th 1949, New York
NBC studios. ADD.

Disc 1 - - Disc 2

источник- http://avaxsphere.com/music/classical/Opera/G.Verdi-Aida_Toscanini.html

TCHAIKOVSKY - Leonard BERNSTEIN & The New York Philharmonic

RIP+UP | ape format | 1987 | CBS Records | Front, Back Covers & CD Sticker | 230 Mb

Bernstein New York Philharmonic / Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite & Swan Lake Suite

Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a

01. 03:21 Nutcracker Suite, Miniature Overture
02. 11:30 Nutcracker Suite, Dances Caractéristiques
03. 06:31 Nutcracker Suite, Waltz of the Flowers

Swan Lake Suite, Op. 20

04. 02:57 Swan Lake Suite, Act II Opening - Dance of the Swans
05. 02:39 Swan Lake Suite, Waltz
06. 01:32 Swan Lake Suite, The Little Swans
07. 07:08 Swan Lake Suite, Pas de Deux
08. 01:36 Swan Lake Suite, Waltz
09. 01:33 Swan Lake Suite, Coda
10. 02:44 Swan Lake Suite, Act III opening
11. 02:46 Swan Lake Suite, Spanish Dance
12. 04:27 Swan Lake Suite, Mazurka



Исполнители: ERA
Альбом: Ocarina dream opera (Tokio Grand Palace)
Жанр: Классическая музыка (обработка)
Год: - 2002
Формат: - mp3
Качество звука: - 320kbps
Размер: - 169mb


01 Penance
02 The Solemn Vow (Tbs)
03 L'Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle (Carmen)
04 Secrets Of The Soul
05 Mi Chiamano Mimi (La Bohllme)
06 Prayer To The Guardian Angel
07 Un Bel Di, Vedremo (M-me Butterfly)
08 The Struggle Within
09 Casta Diva (La Norma)
10 The Enduring Flame
11 O Mio Babbino Caro (Gianni Schicchi)
12 Words Of Absolution
13 E Lucevan Le Stelle (Tosca)
14 The Workers Of Iniquity)
15 In Quelle Trine Morbide (Manon Lescaut)
16 Prayer Of Quiet
17 Vissi D'Arte Vissi D'Amore (Tosca)
18 Stains Of Sin
19 Ah, Fors'e Lui (La Traviata)
20 Threads Of Life
21 Un Bel Di, Vedremo (version longue)
22 Prima Donna (Tribute To Yuri Ogawa)
23 The Solemn (Spirit Dance)

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Mozart: Jubilee Edition 1756-1956
Great Conductors in the Bicentenary Year 1956

Classical | Format: APE & CUE | Box Set, 4 CDs | Covers | Size: 322+326+328+362 Mb
Rs.com | Date: April 25, 2006

Released in 2006, that is, 250 years after Mozart 's birth, this four-disc set returns to the catalog many of the recordings that made the bicentenary of Mozart 's birth in 1956 a reason to celebrate.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Salzburg Mozarteum Camerata Academica, Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Philharmonia Orchestra, Cleveland Orchestra, English Chamber Orchestra.
Bruno Walter, Karl Böhm, George Szell, Bernhard Paumgartner, Joseph Keilberth, Otto Ackermann, Herbert von Karajan, Guido Cantelli, Sir Georg Solti, Sir Colin Davis.

Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Requiem
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Kyrie
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Dies irae
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Tuba mirum
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Rex tremendae
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Recordare
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Confutatis
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Lacrimosa
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Domine Jesu
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Hostias
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Sanctus
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Benedictus
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Agnus Dei
Requiem for soloists, chorus, & orchestra, K. 626: Communio
Maurerische Trauermusik (Masonic Funeral Music), for orchestra in C minor, K. 477 (K. 479a)
Dir, Seele des Weltalls, cantata for tenor, male chorus & orchestra (fragment), K. 429 (K. 468a)

Symphony No. 22 in C major, K. 162: 1. Allegro assai
Symphony No. 22 in C major, K. 162: 2. Andantino grazioso
Symphony No. 22 in C major, K. 162: 3. Presto assai
Symphony No. 24 in B flat major, K. 182 (K. 173dA): 1. Allegro spiretoso
Symphony No. 24 in B flat major, K. 182 (K. 173dA): 2. Andantino grazioso
Symphony No. 24 in B flat major, K. 182 (K. 173dA): 3. Allegro
Symphony No. 25 in G minor, K. 183 (K. 173dB): 1. Allegro con brio
Symphony No. 25 in G minor, K. 183 (K. 173dB): 2. Andante
Symphony No. 25 in G minor, K. 183 (K. 173dB): 3. Menuet
Symphony No. 25 in G minor, K. 183 (K. 173dB): 4. Allegro
Symphony No. 31 in D major ('Paris'), K. 297 (K. 300a): 1. Allegro assai
Symphony No. 31 in D major ('Paris'), K. 297 (K. 300a): 2. Andantino
Symphony No. 31 in D major ('Paris'), K. 297 (K. 300a): 3. Allegro
Symphony No. 33 in B flat major, K. 319: 1. Allegro assai
Symphony No. 33 in B flat major, K. 319: 2. Adagio
Symphony No. 33 in B flat major, K. 319: 3. Menuetto
Symphony No. 33 in B flat major, K. 319: 4. Allegretto

Symphony No. 39 in E flat major, K. 543: 1. Adagio-Allegro
Symphony No. 39 in E flat major, K. 543: 2. Andante
Symphony No. 39 in E flat major, K. 543: 3. Menuetto (Allegretto) & Trio
Symphony No. 39 in E flat major, K. 543: 4. Finale: Allegro
Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K. 550: 1. Molto Allegro
Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K. 550: 2. Andante
Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K. 550: 3. Menuetto (Allegretto) & Trio
Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K. 550: 4. Allegro assai
Symphony No. 41 in C major ('Jupiter'), K. 551: 1. Allegro vivace
Symphony No. 41 in C major ('Jupiter'), K. 551: 2. Andante cantabile
Symphony No. 41 in C major ('Jupiter'), K. 551: 3. Menuetto (Allegretto) & Trio
Symphony No. 41 in C major ('Jupiter'), K. 551: 4. Molto Allegro

Concertone for 2 violins, oboe, cello & orchestra in C major, K. 190 (K. 186E): 1. Allegro spiritoso
Concertone for 2 violins, oboe, cello & orchestra in C major, K. 190 (K. 186E): 2. Andantino grazioso
Concertone for 2 violins, oboe, cello & orchestra in C major, K. 190 (K. 186E): 3. Tempo di Menuetto - Vivace
Divertimento for 2 horns & strings in F major ('Ein musikalischer Spass,' 'A Musical Joke'), K. 522: 1. Allegro
Divertimento for 2 horns & strings in F major ('Ein musikalischer Spass,' 'A Musical Joke'), K. 522: 2. Menuet & Trio
Divertimento for 2 horns & strings in F major ('Ein musikalischer Spass,' 'A Musical Joke'), K. 522: 3. Adagio cantabile
Divertimento for 2 horns & strings in F major ('Ein musikalischer Spass,' 'A Musical Joke'), K. 522: 4. Presto
Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major ('Eine kleine Nachtmusik'), K. 525: 1. Allegro
Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major ('Eine kleine Nachtmusik'), K. 525: 2. Romance - Andante
Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major ('Eine kleine Nachtmusik'), K. 525: 3. Allegretto
Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major ('Eine kleine Nachtmusik'), K. 525: 4. Allegro
Divertimento No. 9 for 2 oboes, 2 bassoons & 2 horns in B flat major, K. 240: 1. Allegro
Divertimento No. 9 for 2 oboes, 2 bassoons & 2 horns in B flat major, K. 240: 2. Andante grazioso
Divertimento No. 9 for 2 oboes, 2 bassoons & 2 horns in B flat major, K. 240: 3. Menuetto (Trio)
Divertimento No. 9 for 2 oboes, 2 bassoons & 2 horns in B flat major, K. 240: 4. Allegro
Download Mozart Jubilee Edition 1756-1956

источник- http://avaxhome.info/music/classical/Mozart_Jubilee_Edition_1756_1956.html

Karajan Conducts Sibelius Symphonies 6 & 7; Tapiola (from 1955)

Classical | MP3 | Historical Mono | 224 Kbps | WinRar 100 + 20 Mb

A young Herbert von Karajan conducts the last two sympnonies by Sibelius and the tone poem Tapiola with the Philharmonia (UK) Orchestra. From the year 1955; mono recording.

Track Listing
1. Sym No.6 in d, Op.104: I. Allegro molto moderato
2. Sym No.6 in d, Op.104: II. Allegrotto moderato
3. Sym No.6 in d, Op.104: III. Poco vivace
4. Sym No.6 in d, Op.104 IV. Allegro molto - Allegro assai
5. Sym No.7 in C, Op. 105: Adgio - Vivacissino
6. Sym No.7 in C, Op.104: Rallentando al...Adagio
7. Sym No.7 in C, Op.104: Allegro molto moderato - Allegro moderato
8. Sym No.7 in C, Op.104: Presto - Adagio - Largamente molto - Affettuoso
9. Tapiola, Op.112



Альбом: И.Брамс - Венгерские танцы

Исполнитель : Ivan Fisher & Budapest Festival orchestra
Дата выхода: 1999
Жанр: Инструментал
Формат: Mp3
Битрейт аудио: 256 кб/с
Размер 107 MB

No. 1 in G minor
No. 2 in D minor
No. 3 in F major
No. 4 in F sharp minor
No. 5 g minor
No. 6 in D major
No. 7 in A major
No. 8 in A minor
No. 9 in E minor
No. 10 in F major
No. 11 in D minor
No. 12 in D minor
No. 13 in D major
No. 14 in D minor
No. 15 in B flat major
No. 16 in F minor
No. 17 in F sharp minor
No. 18 in D major
No. 19 in B minor
No. 20 in E minor
No. 21 in E minor



источник- http://forum.benzion.ru/viewtopic.php?p=68863#68863

Лучшие фрагменты классических произведений
Исполнитель : Сборник
Альбом: Best fragments of the classical works
Дата выхода: 1991
Жанр: Классика
Формат: Mp3
Битрейт аудио: 320 кб/с (высокое качество)
Размер 161 MB


1. Антонио Вивальди - "Времена года" - Весна (Allegro)
2. Эдвард Григ - "Пер Гюнт" - Утреннее настроение
3. Иоганн Себастиан Бах - "Сюита №3" - Воздух
4. Пётр Ильич Чайковский - "Щелкунчик" - Вальс цветов
5. Сергей Рахманинов - "Рапсодия на тему Паганини" -Вариация 18
6. Вольфганг Амадеус Моцарт - "Симфония №40" - Molto alllegro
7. Жак Оффенбах - "Сказки Гофмана" - Bacarolle
8. Пиетро Масканьи - "Сельская честь" - Intemezzo
9. Джакомо Пуччини - "Турандот" - Nessum Dorma
10. Вольфганг Амадеус Моцарт - "Маленькая ночная серенада" - Rondo
11. Джузеппе Верди - "Набукко" - Va, Pansiero
12. Людвиг Ван Бетховен - "Лунная соната"
13. Георг Фредерик Гендель - "Соломон" - Прибытие королевы Шебы
14. Георг Фредерик Гендель - "Музыка на воде" - Alla hornpipe
15. Рихард Вагнер - "Валькирия" - Полёт валькирий
16. Иоганн Пахельбель "Канон"
17. Морис Равель "Болеро"

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Сурганова и Оркестр (2005) «Возлюбленная Шопена»

Russian | Rock | APE | Mode: Extra High | 58:20 Min | 351 Mb

Альбом "Возлюбленная Шопена" - это 13 маленьких шедевров. Эта музыка для абсолютно разных людей, объединяет их только одно - все они когда-то пережили потерю близкого человека". Светлана решила изменить традиционную манеру звучания альбома. Треки на "Возлюбленной Шопена" звучат в режиме нон-стоп, а паузы между песнями заполняют фортепьянные миниатюры в стилистике шопеновской эпохи. Светлана соскучилась по скрипке, а скрипка очень долго ждала Сурганову - и вот теперь впервые после долгого перерыва баланс восстановлен - на альбоме "Возлюбленная Шопена" скрипка будет, и не одна. Абсолютно новые аранжировки и полиинструментальное звучание сделали свое дело - песни "Корабли", "Ангел" и "Весна" - вот первые ласточки и вместе с тем хиты этого, потрясающего своей глубиной, альбома.

Формат: APE / Mode: Exrta High / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Год издания: 2005

01. Интродукция
02. Так начинался день
03. Ангел седой (сл. Светланы Голубевой)
04. Молитва мольберту
05. Я знаю женщину (слова Николая Гумилева)
06. Путник милый (слова Анны Ахматовой и Татьяны Хмельник)
07. Корабли (музыка и слова Руслана Луценко)
08. Энергетический вампир
09. Ворон
10. Весна
11. Горе по небу
12. Белые люди
13. Оставь

Размер: 351 Mb

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
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  E.Grieg – “Peer Gynt”- Suites No1,Op.46 & No2,Op.55

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Neeme Jarvi

01.Suite1- Morning Mood
02.Suite1- Ase's Death
03.Suite1- Anitra's Dance
04.Suite1- In the Hall of the Mountain King
05.Suite2- Abduction of the Bride
06.Suite2- Arabian Dance
07.Suite2- Peer Gynt's Homecoming
08.Suite2- Solveig's Song

Битрейт : 320 kbps

Архив : WinRar

Файл : mp3

Размер : 72 мб

Ссылка: Grieg – Peer Gynt

источник- http://forum.benzion.ru/viewtopic.php?t=4295

П.И.Чайковский,«Времена года»

Исполнитель : Михаил Плетнев (1-12), Наум Штаркман (13)
Битрейт : 320 kbps
Архив : WinRar
Файл : mp3
Размер : 105 мб

1. Январь (У камелька)

2. Февраль (Масленица)

3. Март (Песнь жаворонка)

4. Апрель (Подснежник)

5. Май (Белые ночи)

6. Июнь (Баркарола)

7. Июль (Песнь косаря)

8. Август (Жатва)

9. Сентябрь (Охота)

10. Октябрь (Осенняя песнь)

11. Ноябрь (На тройке)

12. Декабрь (Святки)

13.Бонус – Сентиментальный вальс, соч.51,№6

Ссылка :
Времена года

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Luigi ROSSI (1597-1653) Orfeo - Les Arts Florissants - William Christie

3 CDs | DDD | TT:77:32 + 71:03 + 70:47 | APE (EAC Rip) + CUE | covers | 315 Mo + 276 Mo + 309 Mo
Recorded in November 1990

Luigi Rossi. Orfeo. (Paris, 1647). Harmonia Mundi HMC 1358/60 (3 CDs 1991). Tragicomedia per musica with libretto by Francesco Buti.
William Christie, Les Arts Florissants
Orfeo: Agnès Mellon, soprano;
Euridice: Monique Zanetti, soprano;
Nutrice / Bacco: Dominique Favat, mezzo-soprano;
Aristeo: Sandrine Piau, soprano;
Satiro: Nicholas Isherwood, bass;
Amore: Catherine Pelon, soprano;
Venere: Noémi Rime, soprano;
Vecchia / Giove: Jean-Paul Fouchécourt, tenor;
Endimione: Jérôme Correas, baritone;
Giunone: Marie Boyer, mezzo-soprano;
Augure / Plutone: Bernard Deletré, bass;
Apollo / Mercurio: Benoît Thivel, alto;
Momo / Caronte: Jean-Marc Salzmann, tenor;
Proserpina: Donatienne Michel-Dansac, soprano.

This is a superb recording of what may be the finest opera of its era


pass: avax4ever

источник- http://avaxhome.info/music/classical/rossi_orfeo_christie.html

Перед Вами 3-и диска на которых ВПЕРВЫЕ записаны произведения Паганини на этом уникальном инструменте - знаменитой скрипке
"1742 Guarneri "del Gesu". Что примечательно, произведения исполняются в Генуезском театре Карло Феличе, что интригует еще больше. Исполнитель Массимо Кварта - победитель (1991) престижного Международного конкурса Паганини (см. предыдущие публикации) -
как наиболее близко подошедшего к духу и технике исполнения Николло Паганини.

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Gala Stradivarius Concert - Yehudi Menuhin Конкретно скрипка Страдивари типа с английским симфоническим оркестром
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Evgeny Kissin Plays Chopin
Sony Classics | January 9, 2007 | Classical | APE+CUE | 3% Recovery | 197 MB | Covers+Booklet | 56'58"

# Composer: Fryderyk Chopin
# Performer: Evgeny Kissin
# Audio CD (January 9, 2007)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Sony Classics
# ASIN: B000KX0I54

1. Polonaise in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 26, No. 1
2. Polonaise in E-Flat Minor, Op. 26, No. 2
3. Impromptu in A-Flat Major, Op. 29
4. Impromptu in F-Sharp Major, Op. 36
5. Impromptu in G-Flat Major, Op. 51
6. Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 66
7. Polonaise in C Minor, Op. 40, No. 2

8. Polonaise in A-Flat Major, Op. 53
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1756-1791) Don Giovanni - Freiburger Barockorchester - René Jacobs

3 CDs | DDD | TT:60:39 + 52:31 + 57:36 | APE (EAC Rip) + CUE | covers | 255 Mo + 257 Mo + 238 Mo

NEW !!!
Recorded Teldex Studio Berlin, November 2006

Freiburger Barockorchester
RIAS Kammerchor
Alexandrina Pendatchanska
Johannes Weisser
Kenneth Tarver
Lorenzo Regazzo
Nikolay Borchev
Olga Pasichnyk
René Jacobs
Sunhae Im


Disque : 1
1. Ouvertura
2. Atto Primo, Sc. 1, No 1, Intr.: Notte E Giorno Faticar (Leporello, Donna Anna...
3. Sc. 2, Rec.: Leporello, Ove Sei? (Don Giovanni, Leporello)
4. No. 2, Rec....
5. Duetto: Fuggi, Crudeli, Fuggi! ((Donna Anna, Don Ottavio)
6. Sc. 4, Rec.: Orsu, Spicciati Presto (Don Giovanni, Leporello)
7. Sc. 5, No. 3, Aria: Ah Chi Mi Dice Mai (Donna Elvira, Don Giovanni, Leporello)
8. Rec.: Chi E La? (Donna Elvira, Don Giovanni, Leporello)
9. No. 4, Aria: Madamina, Il Catalogo E Questo (Leporello)
10. Sc. 6, Rec.: In Questa Forma Dunque (Donna Elvira)
11. Sc. 7, No. 5, Coro: Giovinette Che Fate All'Amore (Zerlina, Masetto, Coro Di ...
12. Sc. 8, Rec.: Manco Male E Partita (Don Giovanni, Leporello, Zerlina, Masetto)
13. No. 6, Aria: Ho Capito, Signor Si (Masetto)
14. Sc. 9, Rec.: Alfin Siam Liberati (Don Giovanni, Zerlina)
15. No. 7, Duettino: La Ci Darem La Mano (Don Giovanni, Zerlina)
16. Sc. 10, Rec.: Fermati Scellerato (Donna Elvira, Zerlina, Don Giovanni)
17. No. 8, Aria: Ah Fuggi Il Traditor (Donna Elvira)
18. Sc. 11, Rec.: Mi Par Ch'Oggi Il Demonio Si Diverta (Don Giovanni, Don Ottavio...
19. No. 9, Quartetto: Non Ti F...
20. Rec.: Povera Sventurata! (Don Giovanni)
21. Sc. 13, No. 10, Rec. Acc.: Don Ottavio, Son Morta! (Donna Anna, Don Ottavio)
22. Aria: Or Sai Chi L'Onore (Donna Anna)
23. Sc. 14, Rec.: Come Mai Creder Deggio (Don Ottavio)
24. No. 10 A, Aria: Dalla Sua Pace (Don Ottavio)
Disque : 2
1. Sc. 15, Rec. Io Deggio Ad Ogni Patto (Leporello, Don Giovanni)
2. No.11 Aria Fin Ch'Han Dal Vino (Don Giovanni)
3. Sc. 16, Rec. Masetto, Senti Un Po'(Zerlina, Masetto)
4. No.12 Aria Batti, Batti, O Bel Masetto (Zerlina)
5. Rec. Guarda Un Po'Come Seppe (Masetto, Don Giovanni, Zerlina)
6. Su S...
7. Sc. 13, Tra Quest'Arbori Celata (Zerlina, Don Giovanni, Masetto)
8. Sc.19, Bisogna Aver Coraggio (Donna Elvira, Don Ottavio, Donna Anna, Leporell...
9. Sc. 20, Riposate, Vezzose Ragazze (Don Giovanni, Leporello, Masetto, Zerlina,...
10. Atto Secondo, Sc. 1, No.14 Duetto Eh Via Buffone (Don Giovanni, Leporello)
11. Signore (Don Giovanni, Leporello)
12. Sc. 2, No.15 Terzetto Ah Taci, Ingiusto Core (Donna Elvira, Leporello, Don Gi...
13. Rec. Amico, Che Ti Par (Don Giovanni, Leporello), Sc. 3, Rec. Eccomi A Voi! (...
14. No.16 Canzonetta Deh Vieni Alia Finestra (Don Giovanni) Écouter
15. Rec. V'E Gente Alia Finestra! (Don Giovanni), Sc. 4, Rec. Non Ci Stanchiamo (...
16. No.17 Aria Meta Di Voi Qua Vadano (Don Giovanni)
17. Sc. 5, Rec. Zitto! Lascia Ch'Io Senta (Don Giovanni, Masetto), Sc. 16, Rec. A...
18. No.18 Aria Vedrai, Carino (Zerlina)
19. Sc. 7, Rec. Di Molte Fad Illume (Leporello, Donna Elvira)
20. No.19 Sestetto Sola Sola In Buio Loco (Donna Elvira, Leporello, Don Ottavio, ...
Disque : 3
1. Sc. 9, Rec.: Dunque Quello Sei Tu (Zerlina, Donna Elvira, Don Ottavio, Masett...
2. Sc. 10 A, Rec.: Restati Qua! (Zerlina, Leporello)
3. No. 21 A, Duetto: Per Queste Tue Manine (Leporello, Zerlina)
4. Sc. 10 B, Rec.: [Amico ...] Guarda Un Po'Come Stretto (Leporello)
5. Sc. 10 C, Rec.: Andiam, Andiam, Signora (Zerlina, Donna Elvira, Masetto)
6. Sc. 10 D, No. 21 B, Rec. Acc.: In Quali Eccessi, O Numi (Donna Elvira)
7. Aria: Mi Tradi Quell'Alma Ingrata (Donna Elvira)
8. Sc. 11, Rec.: Ah Ah Ah Ah, Questa E Buona (Don Giovanni, Leporello, Il Commen...
9. No. 22, Duetto: O Statua Gentilissima (Leporello, Don Giovanni)
10. Sc. 12, Rec.: Calmatevi, Idol Mio (Don Ottavio, Donna Anna)
11. No. 23, Rec. Acc.: Crudele! Ah No, Mio Bene! (Donna Anna)
12. Rondo: Non Mi Dir, Bell'Idol Mio (Donna Anna)
13. Rec.: Ah, Si Segua Il Suo Passo (Don Ottavio)
14. Sc. 13, No. 24, Finale: Gia La Mensa E Preparata (Don Giovanni, Leporello)
15. Sc. 14: L'Ultima Prova (Donna Elvira, Don Giovanni, Leporello)
16. Sc. 15: Don Giovanni, A Cenar Teco (Il Commendatore, Don Giovanni, Leporello,...
17. Scena Ultima: Ah Dove E Il Perfido (Donna Anna, Donna Elvira, Zerlina, Don Ot...
18. Appendix Prag 1787: Rec.: Dunque Quello Sei Tu (Zerlina, Donna Elvira, Don Ot...
19. No. 20, Aria: Ah Pieta, Signori Miei (Leporello)
20. Rec.: Ferma, Perfido, Ferma (Donna Elvira, Masetto, Zerlina, Don Ottavio)
21. No. 21, Aria: Il Mio Tesoro Intanto (Don Ottavio)

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Georges Bizet (1838-1875) - Carmen, an Opera in 4 Acts

MP3 320 kbps | CD 1 122 MB | CD 2 144 MB | CD 3 166 MB
Shirley Verrett - Placido Domingo - Kiri Te Kanawa - Jose Van Dam - Georg Solt
Language: French

Georges Bizet
Royal Opera House
Carmen Shirley Verrett
Don Jose Placido Domingo
Micaela Kiri Te Kanawa
Escamillo Jose Van Dam
Frasquita Teresa Cahill
Mercedes Anne Pashley
Dacairo John Dobson
Remedado Francis Egerton
Zuniga Richard Van Allen
Morales Thomas Allen


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Richard Strauss (1864-1949) l Der Rosenkavalier. Opera in 3 Acts

MP3 | 256 kbps | CD 1 105 MB | CD 2 94 MB | CD 3 105 MB
Language: German

Richard Strauss

Marschallin- Regine Crespin
Octavian- Kerstin Meyer
Sophie- Anneliese Rothenberger
Baron Ochs- Kurt Böhme
Faninal- Heinz Friedrich
Italian Singer- Fritz Wunderlich
Marianne- Marta Benegas
VAlzacchi- Eugenio Valori
Annina- Naomi Souza
Commisioner- Victor De Narke
Marschallin's Majordomo- Humberto di Toto
Faninal's Majordomo- Virgilio Tavini
Notary- Eduardo Ferracani
Three Orphans- Corrada Malfa
Maria de Benedictis, Carmen Burello
Dressmaker- Consuelo Ramos
Hair Dresser- Virgilio Tavini
Hotelier- Italo Pasini
Porter- Guerrino Boschetti

Orchestra of the Teatro Colon di Buenos Aires
conducted by

Buenos Aires
8 October 1961